Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories

Is a company established to encourage creative minds to customize and personalize their rolling abilities. However, our main goal from the beginning was to make the overall process of rolling-your-own simple, convenient, and of course fun!

Our new design is our first product we have launched and is intended to be the first in a series of products. The idea first came to two college kids in Burlington, VT while they were attempting to roll a fattie and were irritated they needed more than one paper glued together. They began to research “rolling paper by the roll” and found that though there are competitors that carry rolling paper by the roll, their packaging was not water-resistant, didn’t come with any smoking accessories, was barely reusable, and often broke when it was time to insert a new roll. We saw a need in the market to create a multi-functioning high quality (MADE IN THE US) dispenser of rolling paper that allowed our customers the convenience of smoking that they so deserved. After creating 6 prototypes over 5 years we finally landed on a winner and submitted patenting.